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The IGLESIA Collection


The Iglesia collection combines traditional Filipino cultural wear with current modern bridal trends. Offering classic silhouettes, along with bridal separates, the collection not only caters to the Filipina market, but also the global market, allowing women to customize and personalize their wedding look. The collection features different weights of  pure silk, delicate lace and intricate details with hand finishings used in every garment. Each piece is named with a Tagalog or Filipino word reflecting the collection as a whole: Iglesia translates into "church".


The HABILIN gown

" F o r   S a f e k e e p i n g "


The DALISAY cape

" P u r e "

The GUNITA overlay gown


The LIGAYA gown

" J O Y "

The TADHANA gown

" F A T E "

The MAHAL terno top

" L O V E "

The BUHAY skirt

" L I F E "

The HIMALA gown

" M I R A C L E "

The SINTA gown

" D E A R "

The KAPILING blouse

" T O G E T H E R N E S S "